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156,499 of 200,000 metric tons of CO2 offset as of 09/30/13.

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C3 Attends Greenbuild International Conference and Expo

CHICAGO, IL - Lura Schmoyer and Miranda Intrator, the C3 Program's manager and coordinator, attended this year's Greenbuild® (November 17-19, 2010), the world's largest conference and expo dedicated to green building. The conference's theme this year was "Generation Green:  Redefining Our Future", and a number of forward-thinking leaders were featured as keynote and conference speakers. Lura and Miranda met with a number of interested parties, and are excited to see building interest in the Program. Learn more about Greenbuild.


C3 Program Pays Concrete Producers to Reduce Carbon Footprint

SILVER SPRING, MD - Several concrete producers are currently earning financial incentives through the C3 Program for eligible cement reductions. The latest issue of NRMCA's Concrete InFocus offers a succinct but in-depth look at the Program's methodology. The article demystifies offset generation by taking readers through a sample quarter of offset calculations and explaining the link to cement reduction, giving a clear picture of how Program participation can lead to a number of benefits beyond the Program's offset incentive payments. Read full article on pages 29-32 in the November/December online version of Concrete InFocus.


Concrete Producers Earn Green by Going Green

CHICAGO, IL - The green movement has been promoting sustainability for years, and concrete producers now have proof that being green adds to the bottom line. The C3 program, scheduled to run through September 2012, is providing up to $800,000 in carbon offset funds. These funds are allocated to participating companies who progressively reduce their cement to concrete ratios by replacing portland cement with recycled materials such as slag and fly ash. The C3 program tracks these replacements, calculating the resulting CO2 emissions reductions, and paying producers $4 per metric ton of avoided CO2 emissions. Read full article in the October 2010 Concrete Producer.


Concrete Producers Capitalize on Reduced Portland Cement Use

CARMEL, IN - Portland cement use reductions achieved by substituting supplementary cementitious materials in mix designs are generating offsets under the C3 program, earning concrete producers financial rewards. Mix ingredient optimization practiced via C3 participation is not only ensuring the creation of high-quality offsets, but is helping Program participants to further the sustainability goals of the concrete industry at large. Read full article found on page 42 of the July/August issue of Precast Inc.


Concrete Firms Paid for Using Coal Ash to Reduce GHG Emissions

AURORA, CO - Concrete producers utilizing industrial byproducts in concrete mixes are earning financial incentives and furthering industry-wide economic and environmental sustainability goals through participation in the C3 Program. Industrial byproducts such as fly ash, slag, silica fume, cement kiln dust and rice hull ash, which are eligible under the C3 Program because they do not represent an increase in GHG emissions, help concrete producers reduce emissions associated with concrete production when they are used to replace portland cement in concrete mixes. Read full article found on page 8 in Issue I 2010 of ASH at Work.